Center Console Sliding Armrest for Opel Corsa (E) 2014-2019 Leatherette BLACK

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Driver’s Armrest
The Purpose of The Product,
It is intended for vehicle drivers to be able to rest their arm during their travels. (One-handed steering is strongly discouraged.)

product specifications
The product is manufactured on the spine made of ABS plastic, with an armrest surface covered with artificial leather. The bottom mounting adapter is made of fiber or ABS plastic.
It is produced only in black color.
The armrest surface also has a lid function so that the inner storage chamber can be accessed.
The mouth width of the storage chamber is 90 mm.
Thanks to the sliding structure of the armrest surface, it can be moved further forward.

Product Setup
The installation instruction of the product will be delivered to you in the package.
1 person can do the installation without professional support. Before mounting the product, check the mounting adapter by placing it on the surface to be mounted. In case of incompatibility, please contact us.
Clean the surface on which the product will be installed first with a damp cloth, then remove all moisture with a dry cloth. Open the primary tissue sent with the product and apply the tissue that comes out of it, “ONLY” on the surface to be mounted, gently, without pressing too hard. Then let it dry for 1 minute. After 1 minute, remove the protective gelatin of the double-sided tapes from the lower mounting adapter of the armrest and insert it into the mounting slot. Then hold the lower adapter in your hand for 30 seconds and apply force towards the mounting slot. During this pressing process, please do not move the product inside the mounting slot. after 30 seconds of printing, release the product and wait for 4 hours. In the process, let the surface created with the tape and the primer wipe form a solid structure. Never apply pressure to the armrest during the waiting period, if possible, do not move your vehicle.
If you do not want to use the product after gluing, you can remove it by pulling it up strongly. The tape may remain stuck to your vehicle. In this case, first unscrew the tape with your hands, then rub it with a cloth or hands using hot soapy water and remove the residue of this adhesive layer without damaging your vehicle. Do not try to remove these adhesives with cutting, piercing, deforming tools, do not use abrasive substances. The user will be responsible for the damage to the vehicle during the dismantling process.
To re-glue the disassembled product, you will need double-sided tape and a adhesive-enhancing primer wipe. You can get them from any construction market store or you can contact us from the seller’s page.

Package Contents (for 1 car)
Mounting adapter and armrest product, adhesive-enhancing primer wipe.

Compatibility With Other Products
It is fully compatible with the vehicle brand and model written in the advertisement. For right hand drive vehicles, please contact us first and inquire about the compatibility of the adapter. (During this process, you may be asked for a photo of the armrest mounting slot belonging to your vehicle.)

All parts are guaranteed for replacement for 30 days against breakage or deformation that occurs during normal use. It is not possible to perform exchange operations on products that become unusable after customer misuse.

Product Origin
Republic of Turkey