Compatible with Peugeot Rifter 2023-2024 Cross Bar ACE-2 Roof Racks Car Top Luggage Carrier Rails BLACK

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ACE-2 Model Roof Rack
This product is suitable for models with no gap between the roof of the vehicle and the roof rail.
It grips the vehicle roof rails from the top and sides and is firmly fixed. The bracket, which grips the roof rails during connection, has the ability to rotate between 3 – 5 degrees both in the XY plane in the Z axis and in the ZY plane in the X axis thanks to its patented structure. It also has the ability to move vertically in the Z axis.
Surface coating is made by anodising method. It can be produced in black or grey colour. (Please pay attention to which colour is written in the listing title).
It has high corrosion resistance.
The maximum load carrying limit in the vehicle with this product is 75 kg. (Regardless of 2,3 or 4 aluminium bars, the legal limit is 75 kg).
The assembly instruction of the product will be delivered to you in the package.
Assembly of the product is simple. One person can assemble the product without professional support. Aluminium bars do not need to be cut, unless an incorrect purchase is made.
Package Contents
2 Aluminium Bars (Fully compatible with the vehicle in the title of the advertisement)
1 connection kit for 1 vehicle (according to 2 aluminium bars as follows)
4 Connection main body (Profile fixing mechanism and profile holding hook included)
4 Inner Slider of the Main Body
4 Connection Main Body Lock Cover
Auxiliary connection kit compatible with the vehicle model written in the listing title.

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